Posted by: lostperception | 06/16/2011

A Sorrowful Reality by Dionysios Farasiotis

“Come on, pal, we just want some small talk, so we can have a good time to get us comfortably though the day.” And, ultimately, this is how you pass your entire life. (16)

Modern man wants everything to fit within his own perspective and resents being awakened from his blissful stupor. This is why he sometimes mocks, slanders, distorts, attacks, rejects, and hates whatever lies beyond his own worldview. He does not want to think, because television has taught him to hate thinking. He does not want to ask himself questions, because it is too tiring to do so. He doesn’t want to struggle to go beneath life’s superficiality, because modern culture has made him comfortable as he lives the pampered life of a hungry consumer in a cage of materialism. In a state of spiritual death, his life is defined by the biological life of his body, and his interests are defined by his exclusive fixation on his bodily needs and desires, which only make his bonds to matter and material goods increasingly constricting. When man despises the immortal soul, the higher part of his being, and becomes deeply attached to his body, he becomes uttely carnal and condemns himself to a life that is degrading.  And so man, being in honor, did not understand; he is compared to mindless cattle, and is become like unto them. My prayer is that these poor people, so unfortunate in their wretchedness, come to know their misfortune and find help even as I found help.

There are, in fact, people who free their mind and soul from the mesmerizing charms of today’s materialistic lifestyle, who are open to spiritual worlds, and who have the strength and the disposition to change what needs to be changed for their betterment. These people have the courage and humble yearning to take the leap so that they might reach the spiritual source of the Holy Spirit. They are the ones who, in our foolish and vulgar age preserve in man what is most majestic. Before such people I humbly bow my knee as their servant, asking in advance that they forgive me for my omissions and failings. (19)

From The Gurus, the Young man and Elder Paisios


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